Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Materials

Abrasion Resistant Materials & Abrasion (Wear) Resistant Ceramics

Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Materials
Abrasion is a process of wearing down, scratching or rubbing away. Abrasion resistance is an ability of a material to withstand/resist mechanical action, such as rubbing, scraping, or mechanical. Abrasion (Wear) resistant materials are used in a variety of applications, where resistance to mechanical wear and scratching is required.
Below, we have highlighted several abrasion resistant ceramics, that can resist erosion, scraping, scratching and other mechanical wear.
Alumina has s high melting point of 2050°C and can tolerate high temperatures. Alumina has high strength and good thermal conductivity. It resists strong acid-base chemical at high temperatures. Alumina is one of the best abrasion (Wear) resistant materials and is used in furnace walls, spinning tubes, nozzles, reaction vessels, pumps, grinding materials, etc.
Silicon Nitride
Silicon Nitride has high hardness and high fracture toughness. In addition to it, Silicon Nitride has good thermal shock and chemical resistance. Silicon Nitride has a variety of applications such as engine parts, guide rolls, gas burner parts, mixing blades, cutting tools, bearing balls etc. where abrasion resistance property is essential.
Zirconia is also one of the materials which have high abration resistance. It has high strength and high fracture toughness as well. Zirconia’s modulus of elasticity is similar to that of steel and coefficient of thermal expansion is close to that of iron. Zirconia is widely used in gauges, scissors, kitchen knives, industrial cutlery, false teeth and various wear resistant parts.
We, at Top Seiko, specialize in machining above mentioned abrasion (Wear) resistant ceramics. We can also fabricate these materials to meet the industrial needs of the customers. For any of your machining needs, contact us and we will advise you on the best ceramic materials for your industrial needs. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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