High Density Metals

High Density Metal

High Density Metals
The density of a metal can be defined as the mass of an object per unit of volume. Most of the metals have high densities. Metals with high densities occupy a smaller space than metals with low densities. High density metals are extremely strong and durable, because of which they find their use in numerous machining applications. We at, Top Seiko, offer machining, milling and grinding services for various high density metals.
Specific Gravity(Density):
Specific gravity is the density of a material relative to the density of water (4℃), which is approximately 1g/cm3. Therefore, specific gravity and density are similar. Compared to metals, most of the ceramics have less than half of the density, and are light.
Ceramics are used for the purpose of weight reduction when replaced with commonly used metals.
Comparative Specific Gravity Graph - High Density Metals
The above graph highlights the density (specific gravity) for various metals and ceramics.
Below, we have listed some of the high density metals, that we machine.
Tungsten has high specific gravity of 19.3, which is very close to that of Gold. Therefore, Tungsten is as heavy as Gold, and is frequently used for weights. As a high density metal, Tungsten is also suitable for radiation shields. It can be combined with other alloys to impart great strength. And also one of the outstanding property of tungsten is to be able to shield the radioactivity thanks to its high dense property, so we have been providing the parts for used in the condition of high temperature and intensive radioactivity.
Tantalum is a very hard, ductile and malleable metal. Being resistant to corrosion, it is used in equipments for handling corrosive materials. Tantalum is also used in heat exchanger parts, high temperature reactor components and source components for semiconductor ions. Tantalum is also used in various medical and dental applications. It is used in artificial hips, knees and joints.
Below, we have listed some of the high density metals, that we machine.
Molybdenum has a high melting point. It enhances the strength, toughness, and hardness of the materials, when it is used in combination of alloys. Molybdenum and its alloys make an excellent choice in many demanding specialized applications.
Top Seiko provides machining services for above mentioned high density metals. We adopt advanced machining methods and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high quality products to customers. We are equipped with- 5 axis machining tool, high precision machining tool, 3D measuring tool and laser microscope.

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