Thermal Conductivity Ceramics

Thermal Conductivity Ceramics

Thermal Conductivity Ceramics
Thermal conductivity is the ability to transport heat in the direction of the lower temperature within a material and describes how well heat is conducted through a material. Tungsten and Molybdenum have higher thermal conductivity than commonly used metals. Thermal conductivity of ceramics varies greatly. Aluminum Nitride and Silicon Carbide have high thermal conductivity. However, Zirconia conducts less heat. Materials with high thermal conductivity are suitable for heaters, whereas materials with low thermal conductivity are often used as heat insulation materials.
Thermal Conductive Ceramics Graph
The above graph highlights the thermal conductivity of various metals and ceramics.
Below mentioned are the details about various thermal conductive ceramics.
Aluminum Nitride
Aluminum Nitride is a unique ceramic which has exellent thermal conductivity. It has good insulation properties as well, and is less-reactive with semiconductor gases and chemicals. Compared with other materials, Aluminum Nitride is ideal for electronic applications. It is also used in heat sinks, heat-resistant sheets, substrates, heaters, etc.
Silicon Carbide
Silicon Carbide has excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal properties with extraordinary high thermal conductivity. Its high corrosion resistance can withstand attacks by various acids. Silicon Carbide is used fefractory and anti-abrasive parts.
Molybdenum and Tungsten
Molybdenum and tungsten are the refractory metals which Top Seiko is an expert at machininng. They have high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient.
Top Seiko has extensive experience in machining above mentioned thermal conductive ceramics and metals. We are equipped with top-notch tools and equipment, that enable us to meet the challenging customers requirements. We work with our clients to come up with solutions that best suit their industrial needs. Right from prototyping to production, we work with you to ensure all your industrial requirements and goals are met in an effective way. Contact us now to know more about us!

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