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Single Crystal Sapphire (Al2O3) – Custom Machined Parts

Single crystal sapphire has a unique combination of excellent mechanical, thermal, chemical and optical properties. It retains its high strength at high temperatures. It is also chemically inert to common acids and alkali even at elevated temperatures. Combined with its wide transmission range from ultraviolet to infrared, it is the ideal material for optical components used in hostile environments.
Second only to diamond in hardness, sapphire is extremely durable and scratch & wear resistant. It is often used in making parts and components for hard wearing applications requiring high level of scratch resistance.

Property Comparison Table of Sapphire and Fused Silica

Structure Vickers Hardness
Flexural Strength
Young’s Modulus
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
(×10-⁶/ ℃)
Thermal Conductivity
Volume Resistivity
Chemical Resistance
Material & Chemical Formula
99.99 Single Crystal Form 23 700 470 7.2
(Parallel to C-Axis)
42 >10¹⁴ Excellent
Fused Silica
99.99 Non-Crystalline Form 9 94 74 0.64 1 5×10¹⁶ Excellent

For more information, see Material Guide

Available Sizes and Machining Capability

Availability Sizes(mm) Machining Capability Sizes(mm)
Plate Φ150×t10 Hole diameter Φ0.2 or more
Rod Φ50×200 Hole depth 20D(~Φ1.5)、300(Φ1.5~)
Groove width 0.2 or more Max. hole number 300
Max. Groove(pocket) depth 20 Thread size M2 or more

Sapphire Custom Machined Parts

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