High Melting Point Metals

High Melting Point Metal

High Melting Point Metals
The melting point of a material can be defined as the temperature at which it changes its state from solid to liquid. The high melting point of materials is the result of strong intermolecular forces between the constituent atoms or molecules. When you heat a material at high temperature, atoms move violently and hence, overcome their intermolecular attractions with each other.
Below, we have highlighted several high melting point metals, which are used in electrical, mechanical and chemical applications.
Tungsten, also known as wolfram, has the highest melting point among metals and has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion. This grey-white metallic element has high hardness and high density. Tungsten is the second hardest material after diamond. It is used in the electrodes, crucibles, filaments, etc and many other components which require high heat resistance. And also one of the outstanding property of tungsten is to be able to shield the radioactivity thanks to its high dense property, so we have been providing the parts for used in the condition of high temperature and intensive radioactivity.
Molybdenum has very low coefficient of thermal expansion. It has high heat conductivity and is heat resistant. Molybdenum does not get dissolved in chemical reagents such as acids or alkali’s. Molybdenum is used in illumination parts, crucibles, sinter board as well as parts for power devices.
Tantalum makes a sensible choice whenever high corrosion resistance is required. Tantalum has high hardness and high strength. It is also one of the most un-reactive metals. Tantalum is used in heat exchanger parts and high temperature reactor components.
Top Seiko provides machining services for the above mentioned high melting point metals. We are equipped with 5 axis machining tool, high precision machining tool and measuring equipment such as laser microscope and 3D measuring tool. We also advise our customers in selecting the best materials as per their industry needs. Contact us for machining these high melting point metals and we would be pleased to offer you sound advice and quality services.

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