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Equipment List

To maintain the accuracy, all of our machines are daily checked and regularly maintained.

CNC Machining Centers

  • 5-Axis Machining Centers5-Axis Machining Centers
  • 5-Axis Machining Centers NMV5000DCG5-Axis Machining Centers NMV5000DCG
  • 5-Axis Machining Centers ZV4005-Axis Machining Centers ZV400
  • High-Speed Linear Machining Centers HS650LHigh-Speed Linear Machining Centers HS650L
  • High-Speed Linear Machining Centers IQ300High-Speed Linear Machining Centers IQ300
  • 3-Axis Machining Centers V56i3-Axis Machining Centers V56i
  • 3-Axis Machining Centers V553-Axis Machining Centers V55
  • 3-Axis Machining Centers V333-Axis Machining Centers V33
  • 3-Axis Machining Centers NVX51003-Axis Machining Centers NVX5100
  • 3-Axis Machining Centers NVX50803-Axis Machining Centers NVX5080
  • 3-Axis Machining Centers NV70003-Axis Machining Centers NV7000
  • 3-Axis Machining Centers S500X13-Axis Machining Centers S500X1
CNC Machining Centers Maker Model Name Number of Machines X-Y-Z travels Features
5-Axis Machining Centers MAKINO D300 2 300×500×350 All 5-axis machines are installed with Center-through Through-spindle coolant system.
DMG MORI NMV5000DCG 8 730×510×510
ZV400 2 600×425×450
High-Speed Linear Machining Centers MAKINO IQ300 1 400×350×200 All linear motor driven machines are with high speed spindle ideal for fine detail machining.
IQ500 1 500×450×300
SODICK HS650L 1 625×500×300
3-Axis Machining Centers MAKINO V56i 3 900×550×450 Center-through Through-spindle coolant system.
V55 1 900×500×450
V33 1 600×400×350
DMG MORI NVX5100 23 1050×530×5100
NVX5080 1 800×530×510
NV5000 9 800×510×510
NV7000 2 1540×760×660
CMX1100V 12 1100×560×510 Some are installed with rotary tables.
BROTHER S500X1 2 500×400×300

CNC Turning Centers

  • CNC Lathes NL1500CNC Lathes NL1500
CNC Turning Centers Maker Model Name Number of Machines X-Y-Z travels Features
CNC Lathes DMG MORI NL1500 6 260×590×100 With the second spindle which has milling function.
NLX1500 1 260×590×100 With the second spindle which has milling function.
5-Axis CNC Lathes DMG MORI NTX1000Ge2/S 1 450×±105×800 5-axis


  • Rotary Surface Grinders SSR5Rotary Surface Grinders SSR5
  • Surface Grinders PSG-64EXBSurface Grinders PSG-64EXB
  • Rotary Surface Grinders SSR5 GSR-700Rotary Surface Grinders SSR5 GSR-700
  • Cylindrical Grinders GL4PCylindrical Grinders GL4P
Grinders Maker Model Name Number of Machines Table Dimensions Z travel Features
Rotary Surface Grinders AMADA SSR5 6 φ500 125 Horizontal type
SS501N 1
SS501 1
SSR-5 UP 3 High stiffness
Surface Grinders AMADA TECHSTERD 2 600×400 250
TECHSTER-52 1 φ55×180 250 Centerless grinding
OKAMOTO PSG-64EXB 1 600×400 260
Rotary Surface Grinders SAN-EI ENGINEERING GSR-700 3 φ700 150 Vertical type
Cylindrical Grinders JTEKT GL4P 1 φ300(work size) 500(length)
GE3Pi 1 φ60 250
TSUGAMI GU25 1 φ80 250

Slicing Machines

  • Slicing Machine TSN6030Slicing Machine TSN6030
Slicing Machines Maker Model Name Number of Machines Table Dimensions Z travel
Slicing Machine TOKYO SEIKI TSN6030 2 600×300 200


  • Wire-Cut EDM Machine FA20VSMWire-Cut EDM Machine FA20VSM
  • EDM Small Hole  CT300FXDrilling Machine CT300FX
EDM Maker Model Name Number of Machines X-Y-Z travels
Wire-Cut EDM Machine MITSUBISHI FA20VSM 1 500×350×300
MV2400R 2 600×400×425
EDM Small Hole Drilling Machine ELENIX CT300FX 1 300×200×300
CT500FX 1 550×380×400
GT500FX 1 550×380×450

CAD-CAM Software Systems

CAD-CAM Software Systems Maker Model Number Features
OPEN MIND hyperMILL 1 3D + 5-Axis

Inspection Equipment

  • CNC Coordinate Crysta AspexcMeasuring Machine Crysta Aspexc
  • CNC Vision Measuring System Quick Vision streamCNC Vision Measuring System Quick Vision stream
  • Image Dimension Measuring System IM-6225Image Dimension Measuring System IM-6225
  • 3D Laser Scanning Microscope VK-X1003D Laser Scanning Microscope VK-X100
  • Digital Microscope VHX-1000Digital Microscope VHX-1000
  • Toolmakers MicroscopeToolmakers Microscope
Inspection Equipment Maker Model Name Number of Machines X-Y-Z travels
CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine MITUTOYO Crysta Aspexc 3 700×700×600
STRATO-Apex 9106 1 900×1000×600
CNC Vision Measuring System MITUTOYO Quick Vision stream 2 400×400×250
Image Dimension Measurement System KEYENCE IM-6225 2 100×200×40
IM-7020 1 90×90×30
IM-8030 1 190×90×30
3D Optical Profilometer KEYENCE VR-6200 1 278x134x69
3D Laser Scanning Microscope KEYENCE VK-X100 1 100~16,000 (magnification)
Digital Microscope KEYENCE VHX-1000 1 100~16,000 (magnification)
Height Flatness Measurement System KEYENCE HM-1000 1 100×100×75
Optical Measuring Systems MITUTOYO MF-UD1010D 1 300×170×220
Toolmakers Microscope MITUTOYO 1 100×100×100
Optical Comparator Vision Engineering Lynx EVO 1 6x~60x(MAX 240x)
Surface Roughness Measuring Machine MITUTOYO SJ-301 2 Flat Surface Roughness Measuring