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Tantalum (Ta) – Custom Machined Parts

Tantalum is characterized by its high density, extremely high melting point (3,017°C), and excellent corrosion resistance. Being extraordinarily resistant to heat, it is classified as a refractory metal.
In contrast to other refractory metals such as tungsten and molybdenum, production of tantalum often involves melting operation just like most industrial metals and alloys, which produces less material defects. Also, tantalum has good ductility and machinability compared to other refractory metals.
Despite all of these advantages of tantalum, however, applications are often limited to small parts/components due to its high cost.

Tantalum Properties

Property(Unit) Purity
Bulk Density
Vickers Hardness
Young’s Modulus
Melting Point
Recrystallization Temperature
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Thermal Conductivity
Volume Resistivity
Chemical Formula
Ta 99.9~ 16.6 0.69~1.2 185 20 3,017 900~1,450 6.3

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Available Sizes and Machining Capability

Availability Sizes(mm) Machining Capability Sizes(mm)
Plate 100×100×10 Hole diameter Φ0.05 or more
Rod Φ20×200 Hole depth 300 or less
Groove width 0.05 or more Max. hole number 1,000
Max. Groove(pocket) depth 30 Thread size M1 or more

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