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Company Name Top Seiko Co., Ltd.
Founded ‘September 14, 2001
Capital \20,000,000 JP Yen
Location & Contact Details Top Seiko Co., Ltd.(Head Office & Plant)
Address:1197-4, Hosoe-cho,
Nagahama City, Shiga Pref.,
526-0105 Japan
Phone: +81-(0)749-51-9021
Fax: +81-(0)749-51-9022
Management President & CEO: Yoichi Azai
Vice President & COO: Takuya Yukawa
Factory Manager & CTO: Kazuyuki Nishikawa
Director & CFO: Hiromi Tachibana
Director(R&D): Kazuya Hiro
Director(Sales): Jun Gamo
Corporate Auditor: Kohei Kawamura
Employees 108 (June,2022)
Business Productions and sales of custom-machined precision parts made from ultra-hard materials such as glasses, technical ceramics, and refractory metals.
Industries Served Semiconductor & Electronics, Measuring & Analytical, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Nuclear Power and General Manufacturing.