Precision Machining of
Superhard Materials


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We are proud of our top-class technical capabilities among manufacturers of ceramics and high-melting-point metals in terms of both dimensional and geometric accuracy. There is no limit to the precision demanded by our customers, which is becoming more and more sophisticated as time and technology change. In order to keep up with such demands, we are constantly pursuing stable high-precision machining and repeatedly conducting test machining to further enhance our technical capabilities.

  • Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter Machining
  • Turning
  • Precision Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • 3D Machining of complicated contoured shapes
  • Diffusion Bonding


Since we are not a material manufacturer, our customers can take advantage of our unbiased knowledge of exotic hard materials to select the best material for your applications. We have supported our customers with replacing materials for their existing parts. There are many successful cases in which our customers have benefitted through improved functionality of their parts that led to surpass their competitors, or longer service life of the parts which have resulted in lower costs, reduced maintenance and less downtime.


“Many precision parts have been made in common metallic materials. But we machine exotic hard materials and make the same parts.” With that motto, Top Seiko has specialized in ultra-hard materials such as advanced ceramics, glasses, refractory metals, and newly developed high performance materials like composite materials. Based on the machinability characteristic of each material and the complexity of the shape of the part, we determine the most suitable manufacturing method using physical and chemical approaches.

We are also an expert of designing machining tools that can maximize the productivity while maintaining the highest quality of products. Most of these tools are produced by tool-manufacturing companies according to our specifications. If not, we make them by ourselves.

We are continuously researching and investing in new technologies in order to deliver highest quality machining services to our customers. In addition, we regularly carry out test machining to collect data to expand our capabilities even further.

  • Complex & 3D Machining

    With latest technology such as Linear Motor Drive High Speed Milling Center and 5-Axis Machining Centers, Top Seiko offers precision custom machining service for ultra-hard materials. We specialize in complex and precision machining of complicated contoured shapes, slots, grooves, trenches, steps/raised shapes, counter bores, threads, straight/tapered holes, etc. in Ceramics, Glasses and Refractory Metals. 3D machining service is available for Ceramics and Molybdenum.

  • High Precision/Micro Machining

    “Tackle machining challenges logically by physical and chemical approaches.” is our motto.
    As an industry leading supplier, we are able to provide high precision and micro machining services for a wide variety of exotic hard materials. With our deep knowledge about these materials, cutting-edge precision machines and tools, experienced engineers, and well-trained machine operators, we fabricate custom machined parts to micron accuracy.
    We also have measuring equipment which allows us to guarantee the dimensional accuracy of each machined part.

  • Hole Drilling

    Hole-drilling in hard materials is our specialty. Precision holes, micro holes, and multiple holes can be machined in ceramics, glasses and refractory metals such as tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum.
    We design machining tools to drill holes precisely according to your requirements. Just let us know the diameter, depth, tolerances etc. of the holes you need!

  • Deep Hole Drilling

    With custom-ordered machining tools designed by our team of engineers, we take pride in drilling deep straight holes and long tapered holes in ultra-hard materials such as Advanced Ceramics, Fused Silica Glass (Fused Quartz), Molybdenum and Tungsten.
    The keys to success in deep hole drilling are; 1. Keep the drill straight, 2. Flush chips out of the hole and avoid chip accumulation at the bottom of the hole. And we know exactly how to do them!

  • Diffusion Bonding

    In addition to conventional precision machining, we are focusing on and developing “diffusion bonding” as a technology to meet the need for higher performance.
    By combining the precision machining technology we have built up over the years with our newly introduced joining technology, we are able to achieve shapes that have been difficult to achieve in the past, and contribute to solving our customers’ technical issues.

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    What can be machined on steel can be machined on all materials
    Using machine tools such as 3-axis milling machines and linear specification milling machines, we perform a variety of machining operations such as external shape machining, drilling, unevenness machining, grooving, and screw machining on difficult-to-machine materials. We are also capable of 3D machining of curved surfaces and three-dimensional shapes, as well as drilling holes in such special shapes. In addition, we also specialize in deep hole drilling on the side surface.


    Making the right choice can make all the difference
    Top Seiko offers material selection assistance service by recommending materials based on material property important for your application. Since we do not produce materials, you can count on our unbiased material knowledge to choose the most suitable material for your application. We offer not only materials from Japanese manufacturers but also from those outside Japan. We also have a wide variety of materials in stock for quick delivery. You can take advantage of our comprehensive precision machining service including material selection assistance & material sourcing for your product development projects! Moreover, there are many successful cases of material replacements which resulted in improving quality, prolonging service life, and increasing productivity / product yield. Let us help you, too!


    Bring your exciting innovative products to commercial reality
    With our latest machines, various kinds of machining tools in stock, and experienced engineers and machine operators, we help our customers to start their product development projects as quickly as possible. You can count on us for your low-volume prototype machining and high-volume production machining needs. For your challenging machining needs, we carry out test machining. Based on the results of the test, we decide the best machining conditions to meet and exceed your toughest requirements. We even carry out tests until desirable results come out.