Precision Machining Services for Superhard Materials

“Many precision parts have been made in common metallic materials. But we machine exotic hard materials and make the same parts.”
With that motto, Top Seiko has specialized in superhard materials such as advanced ceramics, glasses, refractory metals, and newly developed high performance materials like composite materials. Based on the machinability characteristic of each material and the complexity of the shape of the part, we determine the most suitable manufacturing method using physical and chemical approaches.

We are also an expert of designing machining tools that can maximize the productivity while maintaining the highest quality of products. Most of these tools are produced by tool-manufacturing companies according to our specifications. If not, we make them by ourselves.

We are continuously researching and investing in new technologies in order to deliver highest quality machining services to our customers. In addition, we regularly carry out test machining to collect data to expand our capabilities even further.

Material Selection Assistance Service

We help you select a material with the right properties for your application. For example, you can select material properties from: high maximum use temperature, low thermal expansion, high hardness, wear resistance, electric insulation, electrical conductivity, thermal insulation, high thermal conductivity and etc.
Since we are not a material manufacturer, our customers can take advantage of our unbiased knowledge of exotic hard materials to select the best material for your applications. We offer not only materials from Japanese manufacturers but also from those outside Japan. We have supported our customers with replacing materials for their existing parts. There are many successful cases in which our customers have benefitted through improved functionality of their parts that led to surpass their competitors, or longer service life of the parts which have resulted in lower costs, reduced maintenance and less downtime.

Support for Product Development

With our latest machines, various kinds of machining tools in stock, and experienced engineers and machine operators, we help our customers to start their product development projects as quickly as possible. You can count on us for your low-volume prototype machining and high-volume production machining needs.
For your challenging machining needs, we carry out test machining. Based on the results of the test, we decide the best machining conditions to meet and exceed your toughest requirements. We even carry out tests until desirable results come out.

Machining Example


  • Alumina(Al₂O₃)

    Excellent electrical insulation properties , High temperature resistance , Plasma resistance , High hardness , Wear resistance

  • Aluminum nitride(AlN)

    High thermal conductivity , High temperature resistance , Low thermal expansion , Excellent electrical insulation properties , Plasma resistant , Corrosion resistant

  • Zirconia(ZrO2)

    High fracture toughness , Low thermal conductivity , Wear resistant

  • Silicon carbide(SiC)

    High hardness , High thermal conductivity , High mechanical strength , Corrosion resistant

  • Silicon nitride(Si3N4)

    High fracture toughness , Low thermal expansion , Wear resistant , Good thermal shock resistance

  • Machinable Ceramics

    Excellent electrical insulation properties , High machinability , High temperature resistance


Crystalline Material

Composite Materials

Refractory Metals

  • Molybdenum(Mo)

    High temperature resistance , Low thermal expansion , High thermal conductivity

  • Tungsten(W)

    High temperature resistance , Low thermal expansion , High thermal conductivity , High density

  • Tantalum(Ta)

    High temperature resistance , Low thermal expansion , Corrosion resistant

We are pleasure to help your R&D with our high precision machining technology and our material suggestion for ultra-hard materials.

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