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Tungsten (W) – Custom Machined Parts

Tungsten has excellent high-temperature properties including the highest melting point of all metals and the lowest thermal expansion of all pure metals, and is used in many high-temperature applications. Also, due to its high density comparable to that of gold, it exhibits superior radiation shielding performance.
Tungsten is an extremely hard and crack-sensitive metal which is brittle at room temperature. Its extreme hardness causes excessive tool wear, and its brittleness makes the material prone to chipping and cracking during and after machining. Therefore, it requires special handling and machining techniques.
Top Seiko has provided custom-machined tungsten parts to customers in a wide range of industries. Complex and precision machining of tungsten is indeed our specialty. We stock tungsten in various sizes and thickness to shorten lead times for customers with urgent needs.

Tungsten Properties

Property(Unit) Purity
Bulk Density
Vickers Hardness
Young’s Modulus
Melting Point
Recrystallization Temperature
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Thermal Conductivity
Volume Resistivity(Ω・㎝)
Chemical Formula
W 99.95~ 19.3 4.2 403 3,422 1,150~1,350 4.5 168 5.5×10-6

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Tungsten – Key Properties & Popular Applications

Key Properties Applications
■High temperature resistance
■Low thermal expansion
■High thermal conductivity
Having a melting point of 3422 °C, tungsten can easily withstand even the most intense heat. Combined with its extremely low thermal expansion, it resists distortion and warping at elevated temperatures. In fact, it has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to those of alumina and borosilicate glasses. Its high thermal conductivity coupled with its high melting point makes tungsten ideal material for efficient and quick heat transfer even at high temperatures. ■Parts subject to extremely high temperatures
■Heat transfer components used at high temperatures
■Heat sinks & Heat spreaders
■Terminal pins
■Radiation shielding parts
■Weight parts & Balance weights
High Density & High Radiation Shielding Performance With its density of 19.3/cm3, tungsten is the heaviest engineering material. Its high density makes this material ideal for a variety of low volume/high weight applications. This also means that it is an excellent radiation shielding material.
Excellent Corrosion Resistance Tungsten has good resistance to most acids and bases.

Available Sizes and Machining Capability

Availability Sizes(mm) Machining Capability Sizes(mm)
Plate 400×600×30 Hole diameter Φ0.1 or more
Rod Φ100×300 Hole depth 300 or less
Thread size M2 or more Max. hole number 300
Max. Groove(pocket) depth 100 Thread size M2 or more

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