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Silicon (Si) – Custom Machined Parts

Silicon is the most common semiconductor material. High-purity silicon is the material for both silicon wafers and semiconductor processing components to avoid particle and contamination.
Columnar crystal silicon is available in large sizes. It also has superior mechanical strength over a wide temperature range. Moreover, the machinability of columnar crystal silicon is better than that of single crystal silicon, and can be machined with less chipping and cracking.

Silicon Properties

Vickers Hardness
Flexural Strength
Melting Point
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(×10-⁶/℃) Thermal Conductivity(W/(m・K)) Volume Resistivity
Structure & Chemical Formula
Single Crystal
7 78 1,414 3.4 160 0.1~100 11N N
Columnar Crystal
7 85 1,414 3.3 163 0.001~10 6N P

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Available Sizes and Machining Capability

Availability Sizes(mm) Machining Capability Sizes(mm)
Plate 500×800×50(columnar crystal Si only) Hole diameter Φ0.03 or more
Rod Φ100×400(columnar crystal Si only) Hole depth 20D(if less thanΦ1.5)、400(if less thanΦ1.5)
Groove width Width ~0.05 Max. hole number 5,000
Max. Groove(pocket) depth 100 Thread size M3 or more (Installation of helical coil inserts required)

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