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Cutting vs. Grinding at TOP SEIKO


Cutting vs Grinding


Unveiling the Distinctions Between Cutting and Grinding Techniques


In the intricate world of precision machining, two fundamental techniques, cutting and grinding, play pivotal roles in shaping materials with finesse.

At TOP SEIKO, we elevate the game by customizing our tools, ensuring maximum precision tailored to specific machining needs. Let’s delve into the nuances of these processes using a familiar analogy.


Cutting: The Apple Slicer Approach



When it comes to metals, precision cutting takes center stage at TOP SEIKO.

Imagine it as slicing through an apple with a sharp knife. In machining, tungsten end mills relentlessly carve through metals with precision akin to slicing through the crisp skin of an apple.

This method is not only efficient but also produces clean and precise results in metalwork.

The unique composition of metals allows for effective cutting processes. Unlike advanced ceramics and glass, metals are not friable, meaning they do not tend to crumble or break easily. This non-friable nature makes metals ideal candidates for the “cutting” technique, as the tungsten end mills can intricately shape and carve without the risk of material fragmentation.



Grinding: The Ice-Picking Technique



When dealing with advanced ceramics and glass, the grinding technique takes the spotlight at TOP SEIKO. Picture ice-picking your way through a block of ice with a precision tool.

In the machining world, our grinding tools, embedded with diamond stones, are the craftsmen for ceramics and glass. This method involves abrasion, gradually refining surfaces with unparalleled precision.

Ceramics and glass, known for their brittleness, benefit from TOP SEIKO‘s grinding technique, delicately shaping and polishing without causing damage.

At TOP SEIKO, we take pride in our ability to create custom tools tailored for maximum precision in every machining scenario. This differentiates us and provides the capability to overcome obstacles during processing that would be impossible to surpass with standard mills.

With us, it’s not just about simple machining; it’s about harnessing our expertise to ensure that every masterpiece emerges flawlessly from the raw material, regardless of its hardness or fragility.


If you are interested or need custom-made parts from high-performance materials, we are here for you !

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