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Appear in a TV show called “X-TECHNOLOGY SUGOWAZA!”


TOP SEIKO will appear in a TV show called “X-TECHNOLOGY SUGOWAZA!” of NHK G!!


We are pleased to announce that we will appear in a popular TV show called “X-TECHNOLOGY SUGOWAZA!” by NHK G. This TV show features two Japanese companies with leading-edge technologies and sophisticated techniques each time, and have these two compete by giving a task respectively for each of them to make “a piece of work” with an extremely high quality that has never been achieved, and judge which has the better quality than the other through an actual match.


This time, the theme was “Jointing different materials – tungsten carbide (one of the hardest metals) and aluminum(the most soft metals)”.

We jointed these two materials by connecting a tungsten carbide screw and an aluminum base with a tap drilled. Our opponent jointed them by brazing. We were judged by the tensile strength of each work.



In a month long shooting, we struggled to find the best way to maximize the tensile strength. Our main focus was on the shape of the screw. We tested many times to find the best shape of which we could maximize the contact area of male and female screws.



Please watch to see how we performed and the result. The time table is below:

23(Sat), May 2015 from 8:15 pm to 8:45 pm JPN Time (first part)

30(Sat), May 2015 from 8:15 pm to 8:45 pm JPN Time (second part)


For more information, please visit at NHK official website(available only in Japanese)



Top Seiko Co,. Ltd.