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Aluminum Nitride (AlN)


Have you ever heard about Aluminum Nitride?

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a ceramic material with a high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation properties, and high mechanical strength. It is a compound made up of aluminum, nitrogen, and oxygen, with a chemical formula of AlN.

AlN is commonly used in high-temperature applications such as power electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, and aerospace industries. It is also used as a substrate material for electronic devices, as a heat sink for high-power devices, and as a coating material for cutting tools due to its excellent wear resistance.
In addition to its thermal and electrical properties, AlN is also known for its chemical stability, making it resistant to many corrosive environments.

Aluminum nitride is a ceramic material that is relatively difficult to machine compared to many metals and plastics. AlN has a high hardness and thermal conductivity, which makes it challenging to shape and form. Additionally, AlN is brittle and prone to cracking under mechanical stress.

The machining of AlN typically requires the use of specialized equipment and tools, such as diamond grinding wheels and ultrasonic machining systems. Even with these specialized tools, machining AlN can be a time-consuming and challenging process.
However, here at TOP SEIKO we are able to fabricate complex shapes and structures out of AlN with high precision and accuracy thanks to our technology and machining techniques. With our proper equipment, tooling, and machining strategies, AlN can be machined successfully to produce high-quality components and parts made by your specifications and drawings.

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