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e-newsletter back numbers vol.1


Did you know that tantalum is completely immune to body liquids?



Thanks to that property, it can be used in medicine, especially in making surgical appliances. It has not only immunity against chemical attacks, but also is extremely hard and has a high melting point. It found use in furnaces, research equipment, and even nuclear reactors.

Tantalum is one of the materials Top Seiko machines, along with other ultra-hard metals. We would like to remind you that whenever you need parts for your new equipment or just anything made of glass, ceramics, or ultra-hard metal — Top Seiko is there for you with its precise machining skills.

We can provide you precisely made objects.

No matter how hard.

In any shape.

Drilled, grooved, in any way you need them to be.

Thank you for staying with us!

Please click here to go to “Machining Example Page of Tantalum.”