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e-newsletter back numbers vol.2


Is there a ceramic material that can conduct heat but not electricity?



Of course, there is! It’s called aluminum nitride. But this is not the only feature that makes it special. Among other aluminum nitride’s characteristics, one of the most notable is the fact that it combines also low thermal expansion with the mentioned high thermal conductivity. Thanks to those three properties aluminum nitride is a perfect material for machines that work with heat., for example, a heat sink (the device that transfers the heat to another medium like cooler liquid, it is thanks to them that our computers do not explode as soon as we turn on a game).

Aluminum nitride has one more unique property called piezoelectricity. It means that a material can accumulate electricity as the pressure is applied to it. The most well-known example of piezoelectricity is a cigarette lighter. Pressing the button hits a piezoelectric crystal inside which creates enough energy for a spark to appear.

As you may guess, those features make aluminum nitride remarkable material that may be extremely useful for certain purposes. Anytime you find yourself in need of parts made from aluminum nitride, feel free to contact us.

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