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Our CEO Published a Book “TOP Machining Technology”


Our CEO Published a Book “TOP Machining Technology”

We are honord to announce that our CEO, Mr. Yoichi Azai has published a book about our machining history and the key for our techniques. We will upload some pages of the book translating in English. If you find yourself interested in it, please take a look at them!



~Table of Contents~


Chapter 1: “Smaller, Lighter, More Precise”

Manufacturing around the world is in fierce technological competition

  • “Is there a better material?
  • Why is the world paying attention to a small company in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture?
  • What are the fields in which Japanese manufacturing, which is in decline, can compete with the rest of the world?
  • The miniaturization, weight reduction, and high-precision of electronic components are reaching their limits
  • Conventional basic materials cannot keep up with the world’s most advanced technological developments
  • The more diversified materials become, the more cutting and grinding processes are in an unknown world
  • Processing of “hard and brittle” materials has become a national-level challenge
  • Processing of “hard and brittle” materials supports cutting-edge research and development

Chapter 2: Tungsten, Molybdenum, Ceramics, Quartz Glass ……

The reality of manufacturing sites that cannot keep up with the diversification of materials

  • There is no “processing textbook” for the special materials
  • How to cut – “Hard and brittle” special materials
  • Difficult-to-machine materials with different machining characteristics for each material
  • The world of precision machining where an error of 1/1000 of a millimeter can be fatal


Chapter 3: Enabling Precision Machining of Ultra-Hard Materials

What are “cutting” and “grinding” technologies?

  • Material Processing – It is “Physics
  • The tool that makes sense is a “Japanese sword”
  • There are many ways to the top of the mountain
  • There are many paths to the top of the mountain
  • Imagine your head as if it were a tool
  • The way to develop your own route is in infinite combinations
  • Circus plate spinning is a breakthrough! After trial and error, micron-level precision is achieved
  • The keyword of the third rule of the magic processing recipe is “time question
  • Determine what the customer wants


Chapter 4: World-Class Engineers Realize

Miracle of Special Material Processing

  • There is a drama in the processing of special materials

Case 1~5


Chapter 5: Turning the Impossible into the Possible

Precision Machining Technology for Difficult-to-Machine Materials

Changing the world’s manufacturing

  • A new employee says, “If only they knew” when reporting on an overseas business trip
  • Management philosophy allows us to devote ourselves to our work without wavering
  • The foundation of our business philosophy is to “respond to customers’ needs
  • Focus on education and training to create new value
  • Further pursuit of quality control and full-fledged entry into the medical field
  • The manufacturing field is the place where talented young people can flourish.
  • Belief in pursuing a behind-the-scenes role in “Japanese manufacturing