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Business Trip to the USA


We traveled to the U.S. on a business trip for the first time since January 2020!

We were moved by the opportunity to meet with a customer in person for the first time. We have started doing business during the covid-19 disaster.
In the U.S., there are very few people who wear masks, and we were a bit surprised at the difference between Japan and the U.S.


Although we did not participate in the exhibition this time, we visited the Ceramics Expo and had a chance to meet and talk with people in the ceramics industry.
It is always nice to communicate with people in the same industry.
We are planning to participate in the exhibition next year. So, we will announce you again when it is confirmed.

If you visit Ceramics Expo 2023, we would be very happy to say hello to you!

Ceramics Expo 2022!!


Before returning to Japan, we visited Chicago and walked around the area where many Japanese companies are located.
It was a beautiful city with a lot of trees and lakes. Thanks to the beautiful weather, it seemed to blow away the fatigue of my first overseas business trip in a long time. Jet lag is a bit hard sometimes…


As the travel restrictions are gradually being eased, we are looking forward to the next opportunity to visit the city and meet with our customers.
We will resume participating in overseas exhibitions and visiting customers as like before!