e-newsletter backnumber vol.29 – Diffusion Bonding of Nickel



Diffusion Bonding of Nickel

For this month’s topic, I picked up “diffusion bonding of nickel.” As you know, our main business is the machining of ceramics, glass, and refractory metals, but as an additional business, we have been exploring the technique for a couple of years.

One of our samples in the picture shows what kind of machining we can do in nickel; micro holes, grooves, bonding, etc. The hole size of the sample is 0.8mm diameter, but the minimum hole size we can currently achieve is 0.3mm diameter in 0.1mm depth. If you are interested in more details, please do not hesitate to inquire us!

We can provide you precisely made objects.

No matter how hard.

In any shape.

Drilled, grooved, in any way you need them to be.

Thank you for staying with us!

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