e-newsletter back number vol.10 – Why is it so hard to machine Tungsten?



Why is it so hard to machine Tungsten?


Regarding this month’s topic, how much do you know about tungsten? Tungsten, “W” as the chemical symbol, is well-known in the highest melting point among all of metals. The melting point of tungsten is 3422℃ (6192℉). Its density of tungsten is also quite high: 19.3 g/cm3. The high density enables it to work as radiation shields. Tungsten is a useful material under high temperature and high radiation environment. It is, however, not easy to make precision parts in tungsten because of its hardness and brittleness. Tungsten blocks are created by powder metallurgy. Each small tungsten powder is extremely so hard that milling drills can be easily destroyed. Its powder falling leads to cracks and burr on the edge. That is why machining pure tungsten is considered incredibly difficult.

Our company, Top Seiko Co. Ltd., has been developing a way to precision-machine pure tungsten without cracks and burrs. We are an expert in deep-hole drilling, 3D machining, and etc… Contrary to the hardness of machining tungsten,  we can help you with tungsten parts you need. If you are interested in parts made of tungsten, please feel free to contact us.
We can provide you precisely made objects.

No matter how hard.

In any shape.

Drilled, grooved, in any way you need them to be.

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