e-newsletter backnumber vol.20 – Deep Hole drilling for MMC, dia.0.8x300mm


Deep Hole drilling for MMC, dia.0.8x300mm

“Micro and deep” hole drilling is one of the themes that we should eternally explore.

More tiny, deeper, straighter, more effectively, etc… We are looking for the best machining condition through trial and error.

Last year, we announced that we succeeded to drill dia.2.0 holes in 300mm depth on MMC (metal matrix composite) ceramics, and it was the tiniest and deep hole we could achieve at that time. After this announcement, we have been receiving requests for further innovation from our customers including new customers. And now, we are working on drilling dia.0.8mm x 300mm depth holes. It is almost successful, but still exploring more and more straight (no-curve) holes.

The material we would be able to drill the micro and deep holes is MMC as mentioned above. MMC is a composite material of Si and SiC, and it has various superior properties such as high thermal conductivity, high thermal resistance, and high hardness. It attracts people’s attention these days, especially in the semiconductor field. If you would like more detailed information, please refer to our website pages of MMC.

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